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What keeps Stan busy?

Coding. Designing. Writing. And that’s just before 8am.

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Stan’s Values

Values are what make us tick — the things we treasure most and love. Each year I update a document I call a ‘life plan’, a chart that list my values and goals for that year. I consider what I want to do and bounce that against my values. Not all projects make the cut! If it doesn’t blend well with my values, I try not to do it. Speaking of values — I like to jam! Let’s get a groove on with Sparks!

Creativity 90%
Mentoring 85%
Advocacy 80%
Storytelling 95%
Problem Solving 92%

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Stan’s ‘Web Project Survival Guide’ book lays it out on a silver platter. Read it and you’ll discover how to repeatably design, develop and deploy successful web projects at warp speed!
Phillip P.
All business struggle to get their high-pressure development schedules under control. In ‘Web Project Survival Guide’, Stan Shinn outlines specific best practices, principles, and valuable tips to allow you to shrink and control project schedules while keeping the software development on the move!
Bruce C.
Geez, Stan, what else do you do in your spare time, design warp engines?
Dennis P.

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