blackberry.pngRecently got a Blackberry 8703e and it rocks! New to a Blackberry? Here’s one thing you’ll want to change. If your deleted messages don’t sync up with Exchange, do this:

In ‘messages’, select:
Messages Options > Email Reconciliation > Delete On > Change Option > Mailbox & Handheld

Here are some other shortcut keys you’ll want to know:


  • To call a speed dial number, hold an assigned letter key.
  • To dial the last number that you typed, press the Space key and press the Enter key.
  • To assign speed dial to a letter, hold a letter key. Type a number.
  • To call your voice mail access number, hold 1.
  • To change the volume during a call, roll the trackwheel.


  • To reset your handheld, press the Alt key and the Shift key and the Backspace key.