This looks like a valuable book for web marketers: 

Call To Action Provides You With the Secret Formulas You Need for Results Call to Action presents an overview of the principles and tactics of conversion rate marketing as developed and practiced by Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg, founders of Future Now, Inc. Since the company’s inception in 1998, Future Now, Inc. has pioneered the science and art of online conversion, focusing exclusively on helping clients persuade and convert their traffic into leads, customers and sales based on Persuasion Architecture and proven conversion rate optimization techniques. Within these pages, Bryan and Jeffrey walk you through the five phases that comprise web site development, from the critical planning phase, through developing structure, momentum and communication, to articulating value. Along the way, they offer advice and practical applications culled from their years of experience “in the trenches.” You will learn about persona-based design and persuasion scenarios, how to choose and evaluate key performance indicators, how to distinguish copy that will earn its keep.

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