Want to build your own Google-powered specialized search engine for your web site or blog? Google’s new Custom Search Engine service allows you to set up your own unique search engine that searches on certain sites you specify, and allows you to completely customize the look and feel. Some of the features:

  • Make money (get a share off the ad clicks)
  • Multi-label sites
  • Up to 5000 annotations per search engine
  • Collaborate with friends to tag sites (I’ve made my search engines public so anyone can add their annotations)
  • Associate weights to results and have control over the rankings (refer to the XML)
  • Completely brand the engine and customize the look and feel
  • Display refinements on the search results page
  • Upload XML/OPML files filled with links
  • Upload XML to configure the search engine labels/contexts
  • Nest label hierarchies on the refinements onebox
  • Make the search Ajax powered
  • Combine results with another person’s search results Source

Learn more about this new technology here: