Google’s new RSS Reader (still in beta) looks slick and uses Google’s trademark slick but minimalist AJAX technology to offer a distinct way to read RSS/Atom syndicated content. 

One missing feature — most other RSS readers show you how many unread articles there are while Gmail’s Reader does not. I’m sure this an other things will improve as the beta progresses.

Here’s what LifeHacker had to say about it:

I’ve only spent a little time playing with it, but it seems to be pretty cool. One thing that’s nice is that it has a really nice search feature that pulls the RSS or ATOM feed in a transparent manner. The interface is plain, but functional, and it puts the focus on the content. It doesn’t seem to pull images very well though.

It’ll be interesting to see how this shapes up. It is only a beta, but it could be just the thing to make RSS and feeds something that everyone can understand.

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