And now for something completely different. is a new concept — a web site has been launched which puts a whole new angle on advertisement web sites. The ads actually compete for the prime spot on the page, right in front of the viewers eyes by playing Rock, Paper and Scissors.

Text or Image based adverts can be placed on the site, and each is placed in a box. Each advert also has a service or product description, and a link. Free boxes which just contain text can also be added which compete with the advertisements. Each box is assigned (user choice) either rock, paper or scissors. The advertisements are then launched from the bottom of the screen, and head for the top, hence the sites name. When their progress is blocked by another box, they play rock paper or scissors. The winner gets to proceed. And the looser gets relaunched if its an advertisement, or is deleted if its a free box. Its a novel idea designed to attract interest to the pixel advertising style of website. The fact that the casual user is able to play against the adverts is the clincher, because this focuses the interest on the advertisements which on most sites would be ignored. Realising the uniqueness of the idea, the designer has had the idea patented. At the moment there is a one off fee, based on size, which buys you an Advertisement lasting a year or more.