Here is something you might want to buy if you want to build killer landing pages that work. Here’s the ad:

MarketingSherpa’s Landing Page Handbook gives you
lab-tested data and step-by-step instructions
to increase conversions up to 40%:

Instead of 100 sales leads, you could generate 140. Instead
of $10,000 in sales, you could make $14,000.

Discover easy copy and design tweaks for better results from:

– Business-to-business lead generation campaigns
– Search marketing campaigns — Pay Per Click and SEO
– Online ads, TV and radio campaigns
– Email campaigns

Looking for proven landing page templates to follow?

The Landing Page Handbook spells out design rules for all the
basics, including:
– number of columns
– use and placement of hero shot
– typeface rules
– copy length
– registration form design
– hotlinks and buttons
– how to add involvement devices

Plus, you’ll also get 59 real-life creative samples (many
including campaign results data) of what works for marketers
including BearingPoint, eDiets, HP, Kelley Blue Book, NASA,
Old Navy, Palo Alto Software, and Tucson Real Estate.