In the late 1980s the advent of Client/Server technology as a new technology platform caused new methods of software delivery to be created. Host-based systems relied on mainframe technologies and centralized systems centered around ‘waterfall’ methodologies. Project implementation often took nine to eighteen months or more.
Client/Server Methodologies

Client/Server technologies focused on creating decentralized PC-centric systems. Client/Server systems emerged to facilitate building RAD (rapid application development) methodologies. Most of these development methods focused on an iterative, staged-delivery approach.

The Client/Server project was broken into multiple phases each containing a complete iteration. Prototyping, coding, quality assurance, and end user evaluation took place within each iteration. Since software was being rolled out in phases, each stage could be evaluated and major system flaws detected early in the life cycle.

Agile Methodologies have replaced these legacy methodologies and allow us the web testing flexibility to be competitive.