Some great web developer tools:

List-O-Matic – Generate navigation bars based on list items (<li>) that are styled with CSS. It’s as easy as falling off a chair, only less painful.

Accessible Form Builder
– A new version of the form builder tool, this time with more advanced features, including the option of selecting what type of input you need.

Pop-up Window Generator – Following the tutorial ‘The Perfect Pop-Up’, comes the Pop-up Window Generator – a tool to quickly let you generate a link that is both accessible and XHTML compliant.

Form element generator – Lets you easily build individual form elements that are accessible (requires JavaScript to work)

Accessible Form Builder – A hybrid of the Form Element Generator and the Accessible Table Builder. This tool lets you enter a number of fields for text input, then creates a table (or CSS-based layout) to lay them out in, and puts in the necessary mark-up for accessibility. Forms have never been quicker!