bluetooth.pngThis was not intuitive unless you consulted the documentation. Here’s how you do it…

Activate Bluetooth®:
1. Starting with the phone, click with the trackwheel to bring up the menu.
2. Scroll to and select “Options.”
3. Select “Bluetooth.”
4. Look in the top left hand corner of the screen and if it reads, “Bluetooth: Enabled,” skip to step 6. If it reads “Bluetooth: Disabled,” proceed to step 5.
5. To enable Bluetooth, click the trackwheel. A drop down menu will appear, and select “Enable Bluetooth.”

Putting the Headset into Pairing Mode:
6. Put down the phone and pick up the headset. Starting with the headset powered off, hold down the Call button for 6 to 10 seconds until the light stays lit. (Initially, the light will flash a few times before staying lit.) If the light is flashing, or if the light starts flashing anytime during steps 7 through 12, the headset is not in pairing mode, and this step (step 6) needs to be repeated, beginning with the headset powered off.

Select the HS820 Headset:
7. Go back to the phone, and click with the trackwheel.
8. On the drop down menu, select “Add Device.” The phone will start searching for Bluetooth enabled devices.
9. On the screen, a list of one or more devices will appear. Once the phone is finished searching, select “Motorola HS820.”
10. A screen will pop up asking for the passkey. Enter the passkey 0000, and click using the trackwheel. A screen will appear confirming that the pairing is complete. Since pairing is complete, the light on the device will be flashing.
11. To be able to use the device after pairing is complete, underneath the screen heading “Paired Devices,” select “Motorola HS820.”
12. On the drop down menu, select “Connect.” Now the devices are paired and connected.