apogee_logo.pngApogee Search is offering a new form of online advertising to reach customers and prospects who are in market for your product or services. Pay Per Call advertising is similar to Pay Per Click advertising, but instead of directing visitors to your website, they contact you via the phone.

You only pay for those who call. Just as display advertising with its CPM model gave way to the paid search model, so this new form of Pay Per Call advertising is opening up the door for ROI based call-in advertising. Apogee says of this new technology:

Pay Per Call is a great way to immediately boost your call and prospect volumes. Advertisements are shown on major portals such as America Online, Verizon SuperPages, and Miva. Apogee’s Search can provide your company with a complete, fully managed program for Pay Per Call advertising, including accounts with Google, Ingenio (the service that powers AOL) and Verizon. This way, you can take full advantage of the ever-increasing volumes of traffic flowing through today’s major web portals. Source

Drive prospects directly to your phones, but only pay when they call. To learn more of this ROI based model, visit Apogee-Search.com.