Business changes quickly. Today’s business cycles are compressed—companies demand solutions requiring delivery in record time.

In order to meet changing business needs, project management must be be flexible, adaptable, and above all quick! Break web projects into a series of iterations delivered in less than three month cycles. This enables you (at reduced cost and risk!) to deliver business solutions that address quickly evolving business needs.

Project management must balance the triangle of cost, quality and time. With web systems, project managers find themselves scrambling to deliver innovative solutions while still controlling costs.

The rapid pace of change and innovation on the web has caused a new catch phrase to be coined—‘Internet-time.’ Doing things in Internet-time means getting things done faster than in the old economy. The rapid rate of e-business change makes quickly delivering web solutions imperative.

Anyone building a business web site benefits from using an agile methodology: decision makers, business managers, web project managers, technical team leaders, consultants, digital media directors, and most of all, the web developers who are often left to improvise and manage projects with little direction from their management.