One of Stan's many 5e tools. Check back for updates!

One of Stan’s many 5e tools. Check back for updates!

Please check back on this page periodically for updates and addition to my D&D 5e tools.

First tool I’m adding is an Early Editions Conversion Kit. This collection includes:

Conversion Tools to convert 1e, 2e, 3e and 4e adventures to 5e.

As examples of using these tools, here are three 1 Page Dungeons converted to 5e using these conversion tools:

Also I’ve got a classic 1e D&D Module converted to 5e using these conversion tools:

To use the conversion tools, I’d suggest reading the 4 page conversion guide to get the hang of it, but after that, consider printing the 1 sheet conversion guide on cardstock (or laminate it, or slide into a sheet protector), and inserting that in your DMG or MM as a bookmark tool to do conversions.

For classic, 32 page 1e modules, I like to produce module conversations that fit on one sheet of paper. Then I take a hard copy 1e module and use the conversion sheet as a sort of bookmark. So I run the game from the original module, and refer to the conversion sheet for any stats I need. Easier for me ergonomically than having a multi-page document that is hard to cross-reference against the original module.

Note that my conversion use an Old School Philosophy: Players chose their own risks! Encounters are not necessarily balanced. Some things can and will kill you with one hit. Players should be prepared to run or use great creativity to overcome threats!