Here are some clergy abuse topics I would like to write on at some point:

  • The Crisis
    Abuse of power, sexual misconduct, and its devastating effect on the church.
  • Understanding Abuse
    Power imbalances, the tactics of a predator, and how survivors cope with abuse.
  • Coming Forward
    Victims, their families, and the role of clergy in reporting abuse.
  • Recovering From Abuse
    Finding healing and getting support.
  • Victim’s Stories
    Case studies and what we can learn from history.
  • Keeping Your Faith
    Spiritual advice for dealing with depression and combating the loss of faith.
  • Preventing Abuse
    Creating a safe environment to prevent abuse.
  • Cautions for Clergy
    Practical tips to help clergy avoid risk and dangerous situations.
  • Public Opinions
    Interviews with survivors, victim’s advocates, and those with expert opinions.
  • What Can We Do?
    How to help victims and pursue reform in a theologically sound and loving way.