[Editors note: The follow letter to the editor appeared in the eactions poured in the Sept. 6th Dallas News regarding the recent Harry Potter Icon used in an article illustration (see the full reactions here?—? tinyurl.com/nw3382 —? regarding the Harry Potter Icon story first reported here?—? tinyurl.com/lqv3tp.)]

The letter:

The front page of the Points section displayed a traditional Orthodox icon with the image of Christ replaced by Harry Potter.

Many who do not hold icons sacred?—?as the Orthodox do?—?may not see this as a big issue.
To the Orthodox though, this is sacrilegious and offensive in the extreme. Orthodox Christians are trained from an early age to read icons. The halo with a cross background is iconography’s way of saying: This person is God.
While the illustrator may not understand the theological ramifications of this image, educated Orthodox do.
Icons are sacred, and a sacrilegious illustration like the Harry Potter icon is?—?wittingly or unwittingly?—?a mockery of Christianity.

Stan Shinn, Wylie