Policy & Procedures on Sexual MisconductI am pleased to offer for download an excellent resource to aid Orthodox Parishes in implementing a Safe Environment program. This “Policy & Procedures on Sexual Misconduct” document contains many items that were suggested by the speaker at the Fall 2006 SCOBA Bishop’s workshop. This document was produced by Fr. J. Gregory Waynick, serving at Transfiguration Greek Orthodox Church in Florence, SC. Fr. Gregory developed this policy while at St. Mark Greek Orthodox Church in Boca Raton, FL. Many of the ideas in the Policy came from Fr. Gregory’s research of documents from other Christian groups.

This document can serve as an excellent starting point for parishes constructing their own Safe Environment program to protect our children.

Also available for download is a list of training resources that can aid in educating your church on these matters of safety.

The policy document contains these sections:

  • Policy on Sexual Misconduct
  • Policy on the Protection of Children
  • Policy on Personnel Employment & Volunteers
  • Prevention Practices & Procedures To Protect Children & Youth
  • Acknowledgment of Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • Application For Child/Youth Workers
  • Request For Confidential Personal Reference Form