If you are involved in non-profit groups, you know how important fundraising is to your success.

Here are several free fundraising ideas for group large and small.

  • Lollipops — Tie 3 lollipops together with colorful ribbons to make fun lollipop bouquets — a unique idea that is fun and profitable for you, and so attractive to your supporters!
  • Hershey’s Chocolate — It comes in easy to handle carry cases and their easy to sell at the office and to co-workers. A sure favorite.
  • Online Magazine Fundraising — Don’t like to knock on doors? This technique is done entirely online through email.

Check out all the other options at www.fundraising.com.

I like it that it organizes the fundraisers by industry type (e.g. Churches, School, Sports, etc.), and that it has options like online fundraisers. This is the best site I’ve seen with this sort of information.