PhonesI’m using my second Razr mobile phone. I was disappointed when my first Razr had technical issues (I’d only had it for a year and a half) but I liked the form factor of the phone so much I decided to pay the premium fee to replace it with another Razr.

The Razr continues to be a best seller:

“Given the continuing popularity of that iconic, slim Motorola phone month after month, it should come as no surprise that the top selling cell phone in 2006 was once again the Motorola RAZR,” said Wirefly’s President Brian Westrick. (from Wirefly announces the Top 10 cell phones of 2006 )

Wirefly predicted 5 cell trends expected to become even more popular in 2006:

1. Music and mobile TV phones
2. Bigger selection of smartphones with more robust operating systems
3. Cell phones designed for children
4. Expanded GPS services

Of these features I have seen too many people watching video on their cell phones (maybe if I rode on a subway? Nah — the signal is too bad when you go underground). Smartphones? More robust operating systems? Sure the Blackberry has it’s following in business, but in the consumer space, the Razr (which is not a feature rich as a Blackberry by a long shot) is still the hands-down winner.

Why? The form factor. For guys, you’ve got a slim phone that fits nicely in your pocket with no antennae to jab you in the hip. For gals, you have slick looking phone that are appealing and colored for anyone’s taste.

Bottom line — most people just want to make a phone call, and don’t want a bulky device to do it. The Razr will continue to focus on design and aesthetics, and make the device easy to use.