Anyone who has worked on web sites that use open source MySQL database will appreciate a good tool to manage and create your databases. WordPress is my CMS of choice for most pet projects, with Expressions Engine coming in as the tool of choice for most higher-end projects that demand a more robust feature set.
I was sad to see MySQLFront (an open source but aging tool) be deep sixed and not be supported as an open source project. Enter Navicat.

Navicat has been downloaded more than 1,100,000 times and ranked as the most popular MySQL GUI in download sites such as

It features an intuitive interface and provides a set of useful tools to import/ export, backup/restore data, Synchronize databases, etc.

Navicat is known for its ability to import/export Access, Excel and other popular files, backup data, building query and creating report. Navicat is sophisticated enough for professional developers, yet easy to learn for new users.

I particularly like to use it to import and export the entire database schema for my web sites. I can easily copy and duplicate a new site from an pre-existing site — something only a database tool like Navicat can let you easily do.

Some features Navicat includes:

  • – Visual Query Builder
  • – SSH and HTTP Tunnel for remote database connection
  • – Database transfer from server to server
  • – Data and Structure Synchronization
  • – Data backup and restore
  • – Import/ Export of most popular data formats to and from MySQL
  • – Tasks Scheduling and Easy-to-use wizards tool

To learn more, visit

For a free trial, Download Navicat MySQL GUI Management Tool.