websitepulse.pngI liked how this website monitoring tool is positioned.

They have geographically dispersed monitoring locations which take the ‘pulse’ of your servers’ health. They also have a “triple stage” error verification system and multi-level error correlated notification system.

This type of independent, off-site monitoring of the availability and performance of your web sites allow you to keep tabs on servers and network components, web applications and e-business transactions, web-based and e-mail systems.

This service ensures reliable early problem and error detection with a multi-stage verification process, followed by real-time alerts. Detailed reports and website diagnostic tools allow web system owners and operators to quickly locate and troubleshoot problems.

Note their feature set:

Network & Server Monitoring – monitors any type of server or network device as often as every minute with error detection and real-time multimedia alerts.

Website Monitoring – monitors performance and availability of web sites up to every minute simultaneously from a global monitoring network. Provides full-page downloads with real-time alerts generated if page errors or performance problems occur.

Transaction & Web Application Monitoring – monitors complex multi-step web transactions and the applications they use. Features simultaneous full-page downloads for every step from multiple cities around the World.

Email System Monitoring with Round-Trip
– verifies that your incoming and outgoing email services are working from and end-to-end perspective.

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