I’ve long been a fan of gel pens and felt tip pens. A lot of my writing is annotation and markup, so I need a smooth writing but bold ink that stands out on a page. Since writing is such a big part of my life, I finally decided to search for the perfect pen. I bought a dozen or so of the best pens I could find and tried each out over several weeks. I finally settled on the Uniball Jetstream as my choice for the ‘perfect pen.’


It writes smooth like a gel pen. Unlike most gel pens, it has a hybrid ink so it dries fast and doesn’t smear. Unlike most rollerballs, it doesn’t have a dried speck of ink that must slough off to start the ink flow. Even the much touted space pens have that disadvantage. But not the Jetstream.

Another bonus is that it’s cap takes a bit of a tug to get off. Unlike the click-top gel pens, with this pen you can be assured that the cap if firmly on or off. No more sticking a pen in your pocket only to find you’ve gotten ink on your pants or in your hand. 

You can buy it at almost any office supply store, or purchase online here